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Street fashion is a style adopted by youth, generally associated with independent and anti-conformist attitudes.  Kids have always been known for their unique looks, and street fashion is no exception. California claims several style capitals: Malibu, Hollywood, Venice Beach, and, of course, San Francisco, where funky streetwear gets all dressed up. In Southern California, there is also street fashion to explore, where kids are seen on trendy Melrose and La Brea Avenues showing off this super cool, offbeat look in oversized tees and ripped jeans.

What are the origins of street fashion, and what factors influence kids' choices when it comes to getting dressed? To answer these questions, we first need to look at the history of street fashion. The roots can be traced back to the 1960s when hippies began adopting a more casual style that emphasized comfort over tradition. This trend soon caught on with other youth groups, leading to the emergence of various subcultures like punk rock and grunge. These movements each have their unique style, often adopted by mainstream fashion. Today, street style is more popular than ever and kids can be found sporting the look in everything from vintage clothes to designer labels. But what drives their choices?

Many factors influence street fashion, including music, art, and current events. For example, the popularity of hip-hop music has led to a resurgence of urban styles like baggy jeans and hoodies. And the rise of kids’ clothing stores, kids’ boutiques, and online shopping for kids has made it easier to purchase the latest trends.
Whatever the reasons for the popularity of street looks, one thing is for sure--kids love experimenting with its different forms. So if you're ever in doubt about what to wear, just take a cue from the kids on the street; you're sure to turn heads in whatever you choose!


When we talk about style in California, we think of Celebrity Kids: Suri Cruise and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.  Fashion is a way for stars like Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie to express themselves--and their kids. While some celebrity parents take a relaxed approach to what the kids wear, others are more deliberate in the look they want, especially when the paparazzi are around. Many put a lot of thought into every photographed image, while others let their kids choose their own look for a Film Premiere or Red Carpet event. Kids choosing their clothes develops their distinctive look; sometimes, however,  if young kids are allowed to wear whatever they want, they may show off a too mature sense of style!  No matter what approach they take, one thing is sure--celebrity kids always look amazing!

Fashion for kids has changed over the past decade; kids' style was mainly characterized by wearing mini versions of adult clothes such as skinny jeans and fashionable tees. However, style for kids has grown immeasurably, and we can now see trends influence kids uniquely from adults. Looking at all the great options for what kids can wear, t-shirts are always a perfect choice; there are all sorts of cool and unique designs available, making it easy to find a tee for any kid. One great choice is screen printing; this type of printing involves using a computer to create a design, then printing it onto fabric using a special printer. This results in high-quality prints; because the designs are digital, they can be customized to match any style or preference. Another great tee option is embroidery. This type of printing involves using a needle and thread to create designs on fabric. Unlike screen printing, embroidery can be used to create intricate designs, making it the perfect option for more elaborate prints. Both screen printing and embroidery are great looks; it comes down to personal preference when deciding which one to use. 

Kids' fashion is a huge industry, and many different trends come and go; it can be tough to keep up with the latest styles. One of the most popular items for girls is the tank top. There are so many different types available that it can be hard to know which one is right. If you're looking for a stylish and comfortable option for your child, then check out SOCOOLKIDS' tank tops made from 100% cotton. Perfect tanks are available whether your child is into sports, music, or just hanging out at home. 
Designers for kids are often faced with the challenge of creating clothing that is seriously stylish and age-appropriate. While it may be easy to find things for older children, finding something suitable for toddlers or infants can be more difficult. Many designers try to create timeless and trendy pieces so that the clothing can be worn for several seasons. Others focus on using bright colors and playful patterns, adding a pop of personality to any outfit. Regardless of their style, designers must consider that children grow fast, and their garments need to accommodate a range of sizes. In addition to designing clothes, many kids' fashion designers also create accessories, such as hats, scarves, and bags. These can be a great way to add extra personality to an outfit or give a child a sense of individuality. Kids fashion is big business, with clothing designers catering to all ages. Some designers focus on baby and toddler clothes, while others create collections for older children. Many famous designers started kids' fashion, and their collections are often very popular with parents, such as Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana, and Marc Jacobs.


Kids' fashion in Europe is more casual than in the United States. Most kids in Europe wear plain t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. A few designer brands are popular among kids, but they are not as expensive as designer brands in the United States. Kids in Europe also often wear hats, scarves, and jackets when cold outside. European parents tend to buy kids' clothes that will last for a few years rather than buying new things each season; many parents purchase from second-hand stores that are usually less expensive. Overall, kids' fashion in Europe is casual, practical, and affordable.

Kids' fashion has always been a source of inspiration for parents worldwide. Classic designs and high-quality materials have made European brands some of the most sought-after in the industry. While there are many great children's fashion brands in Europe, we've selected some of our favorites. Petit Bateau, founded in 1893, is a French brand known for its simple, timeless designs. The company offers a range of children's clothing, from essential tees and sweaters to more formal outfits. Petit Bateau is popular with parents worldwide for its top-quality materials and affordable prices. Fendi is one of the oldest and most prestigious fashion houses in Italy, and a brand parents can trust for high-quality children's clothing. The company is especially well-known for its luxury items, such as bags and dresses. However, Fendi also offers more affordable options, making it a great choice for families on a budget. Burberry is a British brand, a favorite among parents for its stylish and timeless designs. The company offers everything from basic T-shirts to formal wear, making it a great choice for any occasion. Burberry is also known for its high-quality materials and construction, ensuring that your child will look their best no matter what they're wearing. Ralph Lauren is an American brand that is synonymous with high-quality children's clothing, offering everything from casual tees and jeans to formal wear for special occasions. These are just a few of the amazing children's fashion labels found in Europe. No matter your child's style, you're sure to find something to love among these brands. 


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