I didn't know that a time would come in my life  when I would crave being upside down. Head to the floor, feet up in the air, bearing the weight of my physical world with every ounce of muscle and bone strength I have. I thought I hated yoga. I tried yoga in my younger adult years and didn't have the patience for sitting still and breathing. At Canyon Ranch in Tucson, about a decade ago, I was at a table surrounded by yoga enthusiasts and I blurted out, "Breathing is not all it's cracked up to be!"

Everyone thought I was being funny.

But now, a decade down the road, with a knee feeling the strain of a lifetime of running, a friend suggested I try Iyengar yoga. I reluctantly agreed. And lo and behold - I no longer felt an aversion to breathing! I loved the challenge of holding a difficult pose, and the accomplishment of feeling my body grow stronger as the weeks went on. Inversion became my passion. If your world is out of balance, your body doesn't have to be. Now I'm an Iyengar yoga devotee, with ropes hanging in my house that I hang upside down on whenever I feel the need. The biggest surprise of all is that my daughter, who is 25, agreed to come with me to a yoga class. She immediately mastered poses that had taken me a year to accomplish, and she progressed from there. We've become mother/daughter yoga enthusiasts! My daughter has surpassed me in spades - - which is how it's supposed to be! I couldn't be happier and more proud! And I pat myself on the back as well!

Cathy Arden and daughter Anya Kaats
August, 2014