The Perfect Cup

Although I dabbled with roasting coffees for years, I never imagined turning my passion into a career. I grew up in the 70's, when the "customer was always right;" and always felt welcomed and valued entering an establishment. As the new decade appeared, personalized "mom & pops" faded into malls; automated phone services, with representation in far-off lands. Now, with "virtual" shopping, the "mom & pops" have moved on-line -- An adjustment that was a stretch for those of us still accustomed and hankering for the personal touch.

Thus, in 2005, I conceived MoJoRoast, Inc., and began my quest to turn my specialized roasting innovations into a profession. However, at one of the earlier coffee conferences I attended, I felt like the Shop Around the Corner in a room of Fox Books. I asked a large coffee supplier how I could compete with all the industry giants here. He replied: "You don't;" and advised me to carve my own "niche." Returning back to North Dakota, reeling from all the information I learned; and inundated with ideas how to implement them, I realized I could achieve the personalized shopping experience I missed so much, and reach people looking for that "mom & pop" coffee shop, on-line.

Being perishable, beans only retain their freshness for 2 to 4 weeks. Thus, coffee must ship to the customer the moment it leaves the roaster. MoJo keeps a personalized recipe card on a roasting log for each client, wholesale or retail. Now, I answer the phone for that personal touch; and will continue to serve each individually, as the company grows, through texts or on-line.

Utilizing only Specialty Grade Arabica, exclusive to only 5% of the global coffee market, this flawless bean lacks common defects, like: mold, ferment, fungus, insect damage, foreign object, etc. All roasted to the client's specification. And, through out affiliation with the Cafe Femenino Foundation, a portion of our proceeds go to medical research, domestic abuse centers and other women related causes. MoJo Coffee is dedicated to informing and supplying the consumer about the wonderful world of coffee; and giving back to the international community to which it belongs.

Jo Khalifa, President/Owner MoJo Roast, Inc., and
her daughter Halle, with friend Josh Duhamel.