About SoCoolKids

Influenced by a close-up photograph I snapped of my young son while sharing a late summer afternoon lunch at the beach, I founded the company, SoCoolKids, in 2012. Dampened by the ocean, his wet hair brushed from his face, the fresh image resembled an advertisement for skin and hair care! For months, I began noticing children's ads and marketing; and wondered why they all seemed either animated or graphic -- and, not reflective of children's inherent beauty.

Inspired by CoverGirl, and the clean, natural images that drove their iconic marketing campaign, I developed a Skin and Hair Care Product-line geared to the unique needs and tastes of children.

Made in the USA, SoCoolKids products maintain the highest standard of performance. Both, my stepdaughters and son, revel in the casual romance of the Sun Valley Mountains and skies; and the vast California shores. Like its content, SoCoolKids' packaging encapsulates these experiences of the great outdoors.

SoCoolKids aspires to embrace children in all walks of life. The Product Line consists of: daily shampoo and everyday conditioner; watermelon, mango, orange and banana glycerin soaps -- the surf-sand soap relays the smell and feel of the beach -- with an exfoliating quality.

SoCoolKids's all-American, all-cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts provide a comfortable wear and ease of movement; and relaxed and classic aesthetic.

Live Naturally. Stay Beautiful. Be Cool!

Lauren Beck